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Welcome to the Program in Spanish at the IU School of Liberal Arts! Whether you are seeking to fulfill a requirement for a degree program, taking classes for the personal enrichment of learning a new language, or wish to complete a minor or major in Spanish, you will find your place here. With a central location and small class sizes, you’re sure to become an integral part of an exciting multilingual community in Indiana’s capitol city—Indianapolis!

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What Studying Spanish Did for Me?

Victoria Romero in Peru

Victoria Romero in Peru

“As a native Spanish speaker, completing the Master of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish (M.A.T.) was an excellent career and life decision. The program prepared me to teach the language, culture, and socio-linguistic components. Since my college and previous master education, as well as work experience was in Business Administration, the M.A.T program prepared me to do a career change into teaching. The studying of Second language acquisition theories and effective methods of teaching was one of the most enriching and challenging disciplines. It helped me to find a passion for the teaching of the Spanish language, culture, art and literature. All of the classes prepared me to excel as a teacher, and as an ambassador of the Spanish-speaking culture.

More than 500 million people speak Spanish globally. From this group, approximately 460 million people are native speakers; therefore, Spanish is the second largest language spoken around the world. In the U.S. thirteen percent of the population speaks Spanish at home, so it is the most common non-English language spoken. Knowing a second language is a very valuable and important asset for any individual, in any field.
The M.A.T. program at the School of Liberal Arts fulfilled my goal of becoming a Spanish Teacher, giving me the opportunity to teach at the university, as well as the high school level. I absolutely enjoyed the classes taken at IUPUI and the University of Salamanca, in Spain. Both academic experiences shaped me and gave me the opportunity to learn the diverse and enormous richness of the Spanish language and culture.”

— Victoria Romero, M.A.T. Spanish (2012)