FESTIVAL 451iNDY IS A CELEBRATION OF THE HUMANITIES — a campaign that will encourage lifelong learning through a variety of public programs, collaborative workshops, performances, and other events throughout Indianapolis.

The Ray Bradbury Center will activate its vast collection to connect the larger Indianapolis community to Ray Bradbury’s unbounded imagination, to promote literacy, and encourage a kinder society that shares its gifts and talents for the greater good.

In Bradbury’s dark future of Fahrenheit 451, the authorities will let you ask how a thing is done, but you must never ask why. Festival 451indy encourages us to explore both questions.

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Fahrenheit 451 begins with Fireman Guy Montag meeting a peculiar young girl, Clarisse, described as “fragile milk crystal” and wearing a white dress. Clarisse is peculiar because she spends her time thinking — Collecting information. She spends time with her family and Connects with them and then with others, like Montag. She Shares these observations with others and helps to open their minds.

Many may view this scene as small or unimportant, but this is the moment that ignites the flames of curiosity for Montag. Before this chance encounter, he is content to continue through life blind and unknowing, but through the actions of Collecting, Connecting, and Sharing, Clarisse is able to open his eyes to the wider world around him.

Throughout September, come Collect, Connect, and Share with the Ray Bradbury Center and friends as we present…

A Night with LEGENDARY WRITERS Charles Johnson (Middle Passage) and Steven Barnes (Lion’s Blood).

FILM FESTIVAL at Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie, including a program with American Book Award winning author, Tananarive Due.

The WORLD PREMIERE of Adversary — a stage play written and performed by Emmy Award winning actor and horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr.

and so much more! For a complete list of Festival 451indy programming visit our events page.