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Posted on January 13th, 2022 in Faculty, Students by Prabakaran Jayaraman
IUPUI Liberal Arts faculty, students assist in repatriation of massive artifact collection

When FBI agents began to uncover the bizarre story of Donald Miller’s home artifact collection, one of their first calls was to IUPUI associate professor of anthropology and museum studies Holly Cusack-McVeigh.

In conjunction with the authorities, Cusack-McVeigh and her IUPUI contingent helped return hundreds of pieces to their rightful homes. But the work isn’t complete. IUPUI students are helping to package artifacts for shipping across the globe, and then they’ll continue examining, cleaning, identifying and packaging thousands more for delivery to other countries and to Native American tribes in the U.S. in what amounts to amazing on-the-job training in anthropology and museum studies.

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