American Studies Advising

American Studies offers an academic journey that is unique, not just in terms of the IU School of Liberal Arts, but within all of IUPUI as well. By design, American Studies was created to be an interdisciplinary program that leverages the capacity of faculty from all across the Liberal Arts. Our program asks students to draw from a wide variety of disciplines and experiences.

Because our approach differs from the traditional academic model, so too does our advising framework.

Faculty Mentor

Your faculty mentor assists you in navigating your American Studies experience and helps you bring focus and direction to your scholarship and research endeavors. Our students first meet with the Program Director, Dr. Raymond Haberski to discuss goals and scholarly interests. Pursuant to this consultation, you will be matched with a faculty mentor that will best fit your desired academic path.

Minor in American Studies

If you have questions regarding American Studies courses or a minor in American Studies, contact Dr. Raymond Haberski, or you can reach out to the IU School of Liberal Arts Office of Student Affairs. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester to review your academic plan and identify appropriate courses for the next semester. Make an appointment with your academic advisor or career consultant online or call Liberal Arts Student Affairs at 317-274-3976.

Tools for success

Check the degree map to learn how to complete your degree on time.

Check your progress in an Academic Advisement Report to determine what courses you still need to graduate.