Minor in Japanese Studies

Studying a language like Japanese shows that you have a multicultural perspective that goes beyond the familiar. It also demonstrates to potential employers that you possess determination, patience, and the ability to take on great challenges.

The minor in Japanese Studies may be of particular interest to students in business, social sciences, and other languages and interdisciplinary subjects. It includes both language and literature and other Japanese area studies courses.

Requirements for Minor

The Minor in Japanese Studies consists of fifteen (15) credit hours in Japanese Studies or related courses approved by the program coordinator, excluding courses at the 100 level. To earn a minor in East Asian Studies, you must have:

  • Minimum grades for the minor are C or better.
  • At least six credits at 300 level or above.
  • At least nine credits are taken at IU Indianapolis.
  • First-year Japanese is a prerequisite.

Required Courses

J201-J202: Second-Year Japanese I (3 cr.) & II (3 cr.)

J301-J302: Third-Year Japanese I (3 cr.) & II (3 cr.)

Elective Courses

E231: Japan: The Living Tradition (3 cr.)

E351: Studies in East Asian Culture (3 cr.)

E384: East Asian Nationalism and Cultural Identity (3 cr.)

J310: Japanese Conversation (3 cr.)

J330: Business Japanese (3 cr.)

J401-J402: Fourth-Year Japanese I (3 cr.) & II (3 cr.)

J495: Japanese Translation Seminar (3 cr.)

What Japanese Studies Did for Me?

KimWalsh“In Japanese language class, we also learned about Japanese culture. Japanese class easily became my favorite subject. I currently work for Nippon Express (Indianapolis office), a global Japanese logistics company. On a daily basis at work, I communicate with our customers (many of them Japanese companies), create quotations and also arrange international shipments. From my experience working at Nippon Express, I have learned there are a lot of Japanese companies in Indiana. Therefore, I think a Japanese major can be a good choice for someone who would like to either live and work in Japan or stay in the United States to work for a Japanese company.”

— Kimberly Walsh, ’14, B.A. in Individualized Major in Japanese Studies

How to enroll

To declare the minor in Japanese Studies, complete the online declaration.

More Info

Contact Rosa Tezanos-Pinto, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures