Interview Preparation

Whether you are interviewing for an internship, job, or graduate program you will want to be prepared. Interviews are an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, interest in the role, and match for a particular organization.

Informational Interviews – An informational interview is used to build information about a person, profession, industry, or company. You serves as the interviewer and you find people to speak with so you can learn more about a specific field.

Mock Interviews – A mock interview provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback. Although you can do an informal mock interview with a friend or family member, a mock interview with a career coach will give the best feedback.

Virtual Interviews – With an increase in remote opportunities or interviewing for a position in another state (or country). Software programs such as Skype and Zoom make video interviews a more common practice.

Panel Interviews – A panel job interview takes place when you’re interviewed by a panel of interviewers. Each member can be presented separately or all at once.

Although you won’t always know what to expect, it’s important to take the time to prepare and to practice answering the interview questions employers typically ask.

Improve your interviewing skills by working with our office:

  • Schedule a mock interview appointment
  • Connect with liberal arts industry professionals for informational interviews
  • Take COMM-C 325, Interviewing Principles and Practices, to strengthen your skills

More Information

Ask questions or schedule appointments by visiting our office in Cavanaugh Hall, Room 243, calling 317- 278-1224, or use our online Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).