Prepare for Graduate School

You are supported with clarifying your goals and reasons for pursuing an advanced degree, researching programs, and navigating the application process. The Office of Career Development has advisors and resources specifically for those preparing to continue their education.

Career Services staffer Anneka Scott (L) working with student Laura Ryle (R)

Have you determined that graduate school is right for you? Start to market yourself as a competitive and qualified applicant, because you are!

Prepare for graduate school as an undergraduate student.

  • Know why you’re applying to grad school. Explore careers you are interested in through job shadowing or informational interviews. Learn more about a profession before you invest too much time preparing for a career that may not be right for you.
  • Identify programs of interest and make a personal connection with a representative from each program of interest. Check out degree programs available at IUPUI and graduate programs in Liberal Arts.
  • Determine if you need to complete an entrance exam, such as the GRE, and do well on required entrance exams.
  • Get your personal statement right. Think of the personal statement as a way to add context to your GPA and test scores. Use this opportunity to frame your journey and share your vision of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.
  • Participate in multiple professional experiences as an undergraduate student. Experience in the field, volunteer work, job shadowing, or paid experience, is important to help the admissions committee understand your passion for the field.
  • Choose references who know you best. Visit your professors outside of class. Going to office hours helps professors get to know you and gives them a chance to mentor you. Professors who know you better as a person will also be more willing to write letters of recommendation.
  • Show your engagement with the subject matter. It’s helpful to become conversant in your field by participating in events and listening to guest speakers who play a role in your future world. This may be a wonderful opportunity to begin networking with experts in your field.
  • Be an engaged student. Your possibilities at IUPUI are endless. Find an organization, population, or cause that you’re passionate about and get involved! Participate in campus clubs. Participate in undergraduate research. Study abroad.
  • Build your network through meaningful connections. Learn how to network effectively and focus on building relationships.

More Information

Ask questions or schedule appointments by visiting our office in Cavanaugh Hall, Room 243, calling 317- 278-1124, or use our online Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).

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