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The School of Liberal Arts Speaker’s Lab is a free, on-campus resource for all IUPUI students taking R110 and welcomes students seeking to improve their presentation and speaking skills in an informal, hands-on, comfortable setting. Whether you need assistance in brainstorming topics for your speech, drafting your online, or practicing your presentation, we are available to assist you. Student mentors provide you with the tools you need to feel comfortable and successful in overcoming your fears.

No matter what class you are preparing your presentation for, our practice rooms and technology can help ensure that you are well-rehearsed. Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about the Speaker’s Lab and how we can assist you.

Welcome to the Speaker’s Lab Location and Hours
IUPUI Speaker's Lab
  • Do you want to come and tour the Ray Bradbury Center? We'd love to have you! Just send us an email at bradbury@iu.edu.
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    19 hours ago
  • Join the Ray Bradbury Center on May 30th for Feed Your Imagination Story Club! We’ll be continuing on in the Long After Midnight collection as we read “Punishment Without Crime” and “Getting Through Sunday Somehow”.⠀
✨click the link in our bio to register now✨⠀
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    4 days ago
  • Check out this list of SFF stories that utilize weather as a driving force to set the tone and narrative in creative and spooky ways that are sure to make your spine tingle and leave a few lights on before bed...⠀
✨click the link in our bio to read more✨⠀
#ShortStories #Spooky #WeirdWeather
    5 days ago
  • Did you know this year marks the 77th anniversary of Ray Bradbury's first short story collection, Dark Carnival?! If you haven't read this collection yet, we highly recommend it! #RayBradbury #DarkCarnival #ShortStoryCollection
    6 days ago

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