Welcome to the Speaker’s Lab

The School of Liberal Arts Speaker’s Lab is a free, on-campus resource for all IUPUI students taking R110 and welcomes students seeking to improve their presentation and speaking skills in an informal, hands-on, comfortable setting.

Student mentors will work with you either in person or online through Zoom to help you build confidence, overcome anxiety, and develop valuable career skills.

Meet our mentors

One-on-one consultation

The lab has 780 square feet of workspace for five computer workstations and one Computer/Scheduling Reception space. It also includes three additional soundproof recording and practice rooms, equipped with video recording equipment and a computer and monitor to allow students the ability to digitally record and transmit their presentation to cloud-based services.

What services are available?

  • Select and prepare a topic
  • Prepare your speaking outline
  • Rehearse and deliver a speech, small group or conference presentation
  • Record and play back video, so you can see how you’re doing
  • Assist in analyzing your presentation
  • Address speech anxiety and develop skills to overcome it

Student Mentors

The Speaker’s Lab employs Communication Studies graduate students and undergraduate workers across many IUPUI campus academic disciplines. They are available for one-on-one consultations for any part of the presentation process—from generating a powerful thesis, crafting persuasive and ethical arguments to polishing your delivery.

Our student mentors are ready to help, no matter what your situation or pre-existing level of skill. Take advantage of the service and improve your presentation and oral communication skills. You’ll become more at ease and a better presenter.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are available Monday through Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and usually run a half hour in length. Additional time can be accommodated.

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