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The School of Liberal Arts Speaker’s Lab is a free, on-campus resource for all IUPUI students taking R110 and welcomes students seeking to improve their presentation and speaking skills in an informal, hands-on, comfortable setting. Whether you need assistance in brainstorming topics for your speech, drafting your online, or practicing your presentation, we are available to assist you. Student mentors provide you with the tools you need to feel comfortable and successful in overcoming your fears.

No matter what class you are preparing your presentation for, our practice rooms and technology can help ensure that you are well-rehearsed. Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about the Speaker’s Lab and how we can assist you.

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IUPUI Speaker's Lab
  • Did you know when Bradbury was 20 years old, he would sell newspapers to make some extra cash to fund his budding writing career? 

Here he is selling papers with a smile circa 1940! 

#RayBradbury #YoungWriter #ReadAllAboutIt
    2 days ago
  • Take a look at his gorgeous tear sheet of Ray Bradbury's short story, "Defense Mech" with art by Joseph Doolin. It appeared in Planet Stories, v3n2 in spring of 1946, which was an incredibly productive year for Bradbury. #RayBradbury #TearSheets #Publications
    3 days ago
  • Join the RBC for this month's Feed Your Imagination Story Club! For April, we’ll be reading Ray Bradbury’s “G.B.S.-Mark V” and “The Utterly Perfect Murder” from the Long After Midnight Collection. ⠀
✨click the link in our bio to RSVP now!✨⠀
#RayBradbury #StoryClub #RSVP
    5 days ago
  • Ray Bradbury was an avid collector of any and everything that inspired his writings and creative process throughout his career. Take a look at this amazing, if somewhat, a touch disorganized, picture of his awe-inspiring home office! #RayBradbury #Inspiration #HomeOffice
    6 days ago

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