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Andrea R. Jain

Department: Religious Studies
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Andrea R. Jain, Ph.D. is professor of religious studies at Indiana University, Indianapolis, editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, and author of Selling Yoga: From Counterculture to Pop Culture (Oxford 2014) and Peace Love Yoga: The Politics of Global Spirituality (Oxford, 2020). She received her doctorate degree in religious studies from Rice University in 2010. Her areas of research include religion and capitalism; global spirituality and modern yoga; gender, sexuality, and religion; and theories of religion.

Jain’s works in progress, including the documentary film “Predation,” call for humanities scholars to center questions about the current pandemic and planetary crisis. The purpose of humanities scholarship, Jain argues, should include the following: to remind scientists and health experts that equity must be at the center of their response to pandemic and planetary crisis; to uncover and analyze the needs for repair in the relationships between human societies and environmental bodies and non-human animals; and to diagnose capitalism’s death-dealing structures and the causes of ecological death in the hope that activists, in turn, can build on that scholarship to imagine radically different futures.



Ph.D., Rice University (2010);

Graduate Certificate in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Rice University (2010);

M.A., Rice University (2009);

B.A., Southern Methodist University (2004)



Course offerings include Hinduism and Buddhism, Yoga Traditions, Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus, Theories of Religion, and Comparative Religions




2020. Peace Love Yoga: The Politics of Global Spirituality. New York: Oxford University
Press (expected publication date: July 2020).

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2014. Kripal, Jeffrey J., Ata Anzali, Andrea R. Jain, and Erin Prophet. Comparing Religions: Coming to Terms. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Refereed Articles

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Refereed Book Chapters

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Indiana Humanities INCommon Grant (2021), Luce Foundation Grant (2019), IU Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society Workshop Grant (2019), Research Trailblazer Award at IUPUI (2018), Department of Religion at Rice University Alumni Flame Award (2018), IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute Internal Grant (2016-2017), IU New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Exploratory Travel Fellowship (2014-2015), Crovetto Award for Excellence in the Study of New Religious Movements with Ties to South Asia at Nova Religio (2012), Outstanding Advisor to a Student Organization at IUPUI (2012)

Academic Interests

Academic Interests

Religion and capitalism; global spirituality and modern yoga; gender, sexuality, and religion; and theories of religion.



Editor, Journal of the American Academy of Religion