Religious Studies Minor

The minor in Religious Studies was created to be flexible, in order to fit your interests. It requires 15 credit hours of any courses in our departmental curriculum.

  • At least 3 credit hours must be taken at the 100- or 200-level.
  • At least 6 credit hours must be taken at the 300-level or above.
  • The remaining 6 credit hours can be at any level.

For courses to count toward the minor, students must receive a C or better.

Choose which courses best suit your interests. REL–R 101: Religion and Culture (3 cr.) REL–R 103: The Bible and Culture (3 cr.) REL–R 111: The Bible (3 cr.) REL–R 120: Images of Jesus (3 cr.) REL–R 133: Introduction to Religion (3 cr.) REL–R 173: American Religion (3 cr.) REL–R 180: Introduction to Christianity (3 cr.) REL–R 212: Comparative Religions (3 cr.) REL–R 243: Introduction to the New Testament (3 cr.) REL–R 257: Introduction to Islam (3 cr.) REL-R 261: Introduction to Arab American Studies REL–R 300: Studies in Religion (3 cr.)- topics such as: Cults and Sects in America, Yoga, Health, and Mindfulness REL–R 301: Women and Religion (3 cr.) REL–R 305: Islam and Modernity (3 cr.) REL–R 308: Arab Histories (3 cr.) REL–R 312: Prophets, Captives, & Converts (3 cr.) REL–R 314: Religion and Racism (3 cr.) REL–R 323: Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus (3 cr.) REL–R 325: Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity (3 cr.) REL–R 328: Religions of the African Diaspora (3 cr.) REL–R 329: Early Christianity (3 cr.) REL-R 333: Religion and Literature (3 cr.) REL–R 344: Reformations of the Sixteenth Century (3 cr.) REL–R 348: Religion and Its Monsters (3 cr.) REL–R 361: Hinduism and Buddhism (3 cr.) REL–R 363: African-American Religions (3 cr.) REL–R 367: American Indian Religions (3 cr.) REL–R 368: Religion and Healing (3 cr.) REL–R 369: Love, Sex, and Justice (3 cr.) REL–R 370: Islam in America (3 cr.) REL–R 373: Pilgrimage in World Religions (3 cr.) REL–R 375: Religion Behind Bars (3 cr.) REL–R 378: Revolution and Revolutionaries (3 cr.) REL–R 379: Religion and Philanthropy (3 cr.) REL–R 381: Religion and Violence (3 cr.) REL–R 383: Power, Sex, and Money (3 cr.) REL–R 384: Religions, Ethics, and Health (3 cr.) REL–R 386: Consumption, Ethics, and Good Life (3 cr.) REL–R 393: Comparative Religious Ethics (3 cr.) REL–R 394: Militant Religion (3 cr.) REL-R 395: Religion, Death & Dying (3 cr.) REL–R 396: Religion and Fantasy (3 cr.) REL–R 397: Mormonism and American Culture (3 cr.) REL–R 398: Women in American Indian Religions (3 cr.) REL–R 433: Theories of Religion (3 cr.)

What Religious Studies Did for Me?

“There are a multitude of things I learned from Religious Studies – predominantly, about different religions, but more deeply about how religious values and worldviews affect decision making and political stances. This was really important to me because understanding people’s religions helped me understand why and how they make medical care decisions.”

Kamna is now a student at the IU School of Medicine.

-Kamna Gupta, Medical Humanities and Health Studies B.A., Religious Studies minor; Faculty Medal of Academic Distinction, School of Liberal Arts (2020)

More Info

Contact department mentor Prof. Kelly Hayes or department chair Professor Rachel Wheeler.