Religious Studies Blog

Posted on January 12th, 2024 in Blog, Students by Sydney Bielefeld

What can a religious studies major or minor offer you? How does it benefit? Read what some students have to say about their time in religious studies.

religious studies question graphic

“Religious studies is very eye opening. We get to learn and talk about so many topics that most people don’t talk about often in an academic way.”

– Lily Velazquez

“I have loved religious studies and the many things its offered me. Between the faculty, classes and knowledge, religious studies has changed me into a better person and a more informed person. I have learned so much about all kinds of people, making it easier to connect and help people. This field of study has prepared me for communicating with people and understanding people.”

– Claire Larsen

“I’m fascinated with all parts of human culture, but I find religion to be one of the most interesting facets. My love for culture propels me to minor in anthropology, and my great love for Ancient Greek religion and culture inspires me to minor in classical studies. My favorite part of religious studies is the way learning about religion can inform your understandings about the self, the world, other people, and your connection to spirituality.”

– Heidi Walsh

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