Pathway Minors in Liberal Arts

Pathway Minors in Liberal Arts

Are you an IUPUI student looking to study humanities or social sciences, but your main academic path is in another discipline or STEM field of study? Do you wish you could take a specific liberal arts course that explores the important global and social trending issues of our world today, but it doesn’t fit into your major? The new interdisciplinary Pathway Minor is for you!

The Pathway Minors in Liberal Arts empowers you to enhance your chosen academic path by delving into Liberal Arts courses clustered around themes of vital importance to society today. It is a unique opportunity to explore ideas across disciplines.

Imagine learning about broad ethical issues, approaches to historical change, and being challenged to conceptualize the world and your role within it! Explore the world’s cultures and the human experience while honing your critical thinking, communication, and writing skills and take these skills out of the classroom and into the world through community service, study abroad, and applied research. This new thematic academic path is open to all IUPUI students, regardless of which school you are earning your degree.

Explore your passions and chart your future

Pathway Minors let you focus your studies on a specific theme, such as storytelling, diversity and inclusion, or culture and health, and take courses across a wide range of departments.


The Pathway Minors

Liberal Arts Perspectives on Storytelling

The Liberal Arts Perspective on Storytelling Pathway Minor aims to give students experience in understanding storytelling from a variety of viewpoints, including their own; they will use the concepts and practices of storytelling as a way to understand culture and society, as well as the differing modes of sharing stories in and across different cultures. The ways that stories are made, told, shaped, and produced will factor into the learning experience.

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Liberal Arts Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion

The Liberal Arts Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion Pathway Minor allows students to develop an understanding of the components of diversity, inclusion, power, and privilege, which include intersectional identities impacted by race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, religion, language, social class, aging, and disability. This minor not only aids students in understanding the scholarship of diversity and inclusion but prioritizes applied knowledge through engaged learning experiences involving how diversity and inclusion can be examined and fostered within various personal and professional environments and interactions. This minor supports any major/profession that involves encounters, interactions, and work with diverse populations.

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Liberal Arts Perspectives on Culture and Health

The Liberal Arts Perspectives on Culture and Health Pathway Minor focus is to equip students with the tools to understand health and healing from multiple perspectives and the ability to understand and communicate with diverse communities. This minor will benefit any student with an interest in cultural issues around health, and those who plans to pursue a career in health, counseling, and human or social services.

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Liberal Arts Perspectives on Social Justice and Civic Engagement

The Social Justice and Civic Engagement (SJCE) Pathway Minor is intended to give tomorrow's community leaders the knowledge and practical skills they need to build viable democratic institutions and contribute to social and economic justice. The interdisciplinary minor combines classroom instruction with active engagement in local communities, featuring high-impact practices, such as service learning and community-based research.

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Advising and Registration

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