Dual Degree Advantage Program

Dual Degree Advantage Program

The IU School of Liberal Arts at IU Indianapolis offers all undergraduate IU Indianapolis students the opportunity to add a B.A. in Liberal Arts to complement a first major/degree within the traditional four-year timeframe – in short, two degrees without additional expense or time.

The Dual Degree Advantage positions graduates for success in your first job, an advantage in competition for future jobs, and a broader college experience that pays dividends for life.

Key benefits

  • Adds no extra time or cost to your college experience
  • Become more competitive to enter the workforce with two degrees and a full skill set – soft skills and technical skills
  • Add new skills that employers are looking for – critical thinking, leadership, intensive research, cultural understanding
  • Deepen your personal growth and restores the college experience to explore new areas of study
  • Broaden your thinking as you prepare for graduate school

How it works

The IU School of Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies are waived for students whose first major is in another IU Indianapolis school and second major is in Liberal Arts. You must complete your first degree outside Liberal Arts in order to have the Liberal Arts baccalaureate competencies waived for degree completion. Both degrees must be completed at the same time.

The IU Indianapolis General Education Core or the Indiana transferable general education core must be successfully completed.

Double majors from the School of Liberal Arts are excluded from this program.

Choose your second degree

Check out a full list of eligible Liberal Arts degrees below and choose your favorite. Then, submit an online request to add a major.

List of eligible degree majors

Africana Studies
Applied Theater, Film, and Television
    •  Applied Theatre
    •  Film and Television Studies
    •  Integrated Film and Television Studies/Production
Communication Studies
Economics BA
    •  Creative Writing
    •  Individualized Studies
    •  Literature
    •  Professional and Public Writing
Global and International Studies
Individualized Major
    •  Journalism
    •  Sports Journalism
    •  Public Relations
Law in Liberal Art
Medical Humanities and Health Studies BA
Political Science
Religious Studies
    •  Medical Sociology

If you have more questions, schedule an academic advising appointment online or call Liberal Arts Student Affairs at (317) 274-3976.