A Welcome Message from Dean Tamela Eitle

A Welcome Message from Dean Tamela Eitle

Welcome to the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts in the heart of downtown Indianapolis! We invite you to broaden your understanding of yourself and the world, engage with and work in the community, and learn from innovative faculty and staff.

Choosing what and where to study is a crucial moment in your life, no matter when you begin your educational journey. In the IU School of Liberal Arts, you will choose from various majors, minors, and certificates from across the social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary programs.

No matter the path you choose, you will gain skills that can help you have a successful career and navigate our rapidly changing world. That is because studying at the IU School of Liberal Arts goes far beyond learning facts and figures.

As a student in the IU School of Liberal Arts, you will have the opportunity to:

  • foster essential life skills including creative and critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
  • engage in experiential learning opportunities, internships, research, and study abroad trips.
  • take part in student organizations and develop your potential as a leader.

Your classes will be led by our distinguished faculty who are scholars, practitioners, and experts in their fields. Our faculty are passionate about student learning and take a genuine interest in your success. They foster a learning environment where you can ask big questions, take different perspectives, and collaborate on solutions to real-world challenges.

As a result, you will develop a deep understanding of the human condition, cultivate empathy, and gain valuable insights into the diverse perspectives and disciplines that shape our global society. You will also be prepared to adapt as digitization and AI transform the economy, the job market, and how humans interact with each other and technology.

Beyond the classroom, the IU School of Liberal Arts is a place to create lifelong friends, network with potential employers and our alumni, and enjoy the many cultural institutions in the Indianapolis area. We cannot wait for you to join us.

Tamela Eitle