Alumni Board

Liberal Arts Alumni Board Members

Marc McAleavey, President
BA, Philosophy, 2004
Logan Bromm, Vice-President
BA, Political Science and History, 2021
Ralf Reisinger, Secretary
BA, Economics, 1992
Charity Counts, Immediate Past President and Executive Council Representative
MA, Museum Studies, 2008
Trevor Black, at-large member
BGS, General Studies, 2010
Hayley Brinker, at-large member
B.S. in Classical Culture
M.A. in History, 2022*
Jordan Brinker, at-large member
M.A. in English, 2020*
Graduate Certificate, Professional Editing, 2020*
Shonda Nicole Gladden, at-large member
B.A. in Philosophy
M.Div, M.T.S. in Systematic Theology & Black Studies
Ph.D. in American Studies*
Olivia Hazelwood-Bromm, at-large member
B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, 2021*
Mariam Sylla, at-large member
B.A. in French, 2020*