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In the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, your curiosity is your guide. We explore life’s biggest questions—and help you find answers to yours.

What do you want to do in your life? How can you make your goals a reality? What does it mean to be a good citizen, and how can you help others? During your explorations, you’ll develop skills that will serve you in any career—and every part of your life.

A top online degree

In 2017, College Choice named our online Bachelor of General Studies the No. 14 online liberal arts degree.

Are you a student in another IUPUI school? Our courses, minors, and majors will give you the skills and global understanding to excel in your field.

#LiberalArtsWorks: Crossover skills

Mohamad Saltagi

Patients recognize when you’re doing everything you can to understand their situation and communicate effectively. That goes a long way when you’re administering care. There is no other program of study that gives you the grounding in critical thinking and communication like a liberal arts education.

Mohamad Saltagi, IU School of Medicine student who earned bachelor’s degrees in religious studies and biology at IUPUI

Faculty and advisors who help you be you

Our 335 faculty members, your academic advisor, and your career coach have one goal: help you find your ideal path and make the most of your education and life. We do that by getting to know you and empowering you to take advantage of every opportunity.

Our faculty members include:

Jane Schultz in a historical costume

Civil War TV show advisor

Cultural historian and English professor Jane Schultz helps the PBS drama Mercy Street accurately portray Civil War–era hospitals and medicine.

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People look in a large hole in the ground at a dig site.

Climate archaeologist

Jeremy Wilson co-authored a study showing that before Europeans arrived in North America, the population decline of Native Americans in the modern-day Midwest was caused by climate change.

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Edward E. Curtis IV

Islam author and educator

Religious studies professor Edward E. Curtis IV writes books on Islam and Muslims in the United States, and helps teachers integrate information about world religions into their classes.

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An international approach

We’re at the center of IUPUI’s international experience, with academic programs in several languages and international studies, a variety of study abroad programs, internationally focused centers and institutes, overseas research and teaching projects, and courses with an international emphasis. Plus, all our majors require two years of language courses.

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