Honors Program

Challenge yourself, and get more from your education

Some students yearn to examine subjects more closely than typical courses do. To deepen their learning and understanding. To work more closely with faculty. To raise the expectations for their education, and reap even greater rewards.

If this sounds like you, you may belong in the School of Liberal Arts Honors Program.

The advantages of being a School of Liberal Arts honors student include:

Enriching courses

Take honors courses, or create an honors contract with a professor to change a normally offered course into an honors course—usually through an extra project. You can also receive honors credit for independent study courses, study abroad, capstone courses/projects, and a senior honors thesis.

Faculty mentors

You’ll work closely with professors in your honors courses and projects. These faculty members will become valuable sounding boards during your time at IUPUI and beyond, giving you advice and introducing you to opportunities.

Accomplished classmates

Your fellow honors students set the bar high—and they’ll encourage you to do the same. They’ll introduce you to new ideas, partner with you on projects, support you, and push you to be your best.

Honors notation

Your honors courses and projects will be noted on your transcript. If you complete the requirements to graduate with honors, you’ll also receive an honors notation on your transcript and your diploma.

Graduate and professional school prep

The higher expectations and more intensive projects of the Honors Program will prepare you to continue your education.

Exclusive workshops

You’ll have access to specialized career and preprofessional workshops specifically for honors students.

Honors advising

Your academic advisor will help you develop a four-year academic plan, meet the requirements for the honors notation, and learn about opportunities like the RISE initiative.

A mark of distinction

Your honors experience demonstrates your work ethic, curiosity, and ambition. It’s an excellent addition to your resume, and employers and graduate schools will notice.

You’re also a member of the IUPUI Honors College

School of Liberal Arts honors students are automatically part of the IUPUI Honors College. A community of IUPUI’s highest achievers, the Honors College offers small classes, advising, Honors housing, scholarships, a collaborative study space in the University Library, and opportunities for research, international study, service, and experiential learning.

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