School of Liberal Arts News Center - Criteria and Editorial Guidelines

School of Liberal Arts News Center - Criteria and Editorial Guidelines

IU School of Liberal Arts News

Unit: Liberal Arts - Marketing and Communications

Primary audiences – Liberal Arts faculty, staff, students, alumni

Types of stories about the School of Liberal Arts

  • Impact to the liberal arts community
    • School announcements and events (what’s new that affects everyone, new learning spaces, new websites, social media events, welcome back dean’s message, student-related events in Cavanaugh)
    • New scholarships, degree/certificate programs
  • Elevate school image, influence, prominence
    • New degree programs (Dual Degree)
    • Leadership news (dean, associate deans, etc.)
    • Pride-points and data-driven stories – measurable impact (enrollment increases)
    • Honors and awards at highest levels (school rankings or ratings)
    • Faculty research or recognition in earned media (links to external media stories)
  • Human-interest
    • Student success - (Top 100, Elite 50, Faculty Medal of Academic Distinction)
    • Faculty recognition – focus on impacting people, humanity (honorary doctorate, Fulbright scholar)
    • Alumni career accomplishments - (using their liberal arts education, Alumni Awards)

Submission guidelines

  • Story Ideas/Content - clear, concise text, with no acronyms or undefined terms.
    Please include a suggested headline and a one-sentence description of your story/news/information/announcement. Must relate it back to how it positively affects our liberal arts community, what it means to the school, or how it affects the school
  • Length - typically less than 500 words.
  • Image - at least one high-resolution horizontal image to accompany the article.
    Preferred image size is xxx x xxx, complete with caption and photo credit information, if applicable.
  • Liberal Arts News Center staff will review and edit all submissions and will contact you with questions.

Please note: Turnaround time for publication is on a case-by-case basis. Not every submission will appear on the website.

IUPUI Newsroom

Unit: IU Strategic Communications

Goal: Drive IU’s national, state, and local reputation by positioning the university as a leader in student success, research and helping Indiana thrive.

  • Tell the IU story in ways that elevate and differentiate the university on a national level.
  • Demonstrate the importance of IU to Indiana by communicating the impact of all campuses statewide.

Primary audience - the media

  • Ultimate Audiences
    • IU students, faculty, staff, administrators
    • Prospective students and their influencers: Parents, teachers, counselors, etc.
    • Legislators and business / community leaders
    • Alumni, donors, and other stakeholders
    • General public / consumers of media

Types of stories to attract media:


  • Focused on media
  • Stories that are most likely to get local, state, or national coverage

Story consideration

  • Liberal Arts Mrktg/Comm and IU Strategic Comm will collaborate to find and share stories that are most likely to get media attention
  • Working together to identify the best ways to share news to the intended audience

SLAte Faculty Blog

Unit: Faculty Community Outreach and Public Engagement Committee

Primary Audience: Liberal Arts faculty, industry peers, students

Goal: To promote the wide-ranging research, community engagement, and creative activity of the faculty in the IU School of Liberal Arts (SLA) at IUPUI.

Types of stories to highlight faculty activity

  • Research activity (Grant awards, project updates, results, impact)
  • Awards and honors
  • Presentations (conferences, lectures)
  • Publications and articles (books, articles, podcasts)
  • Community engagement and events
  • Media (podcasts, appearances, news outlets, social media)

Submission and Guidelines

SLA faculty can submit their blog post and images via the SLAte online submission form. Include blog post text, a short title, and 1-2 images (e.g., headshot, book cover, etc.,)

IU Research

Unit: IU Research Communications

Goal: Showcase how IUPUI/IU researchers are impacting people, Hoosiers, and/or economy by broadening research topics to get people to think about research and discovery differently. Aim to highlight student involvement in every story, if possible.

Key Research Areas

  1. AI - Artificial intelligence
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Environment & Sustainability
  4. Cancer
  5. Neuroscience
  6. Social Sciences


  • What makes this research unique to IU?
  • Research that is not common. How does it stand out?
  • Student-focused, seen through the faculty lens
  • Impact on Indiana

Submission process:

  • SLAte Blog is regularly monitored by IU Research Communication team for story ideas that meet their criteria. You may be contacted by School of Liberal Arts Marketing and Comm team or IU Research Communications team for interest in creating a video or School or campus digital story.
  • You can also submit your story idea via our SLA News Request form.

IUPUI Center for Translating Research into Practice

Unit: IUPUI Center for Translating Research into Practice Staff

Goal: Proudly showcase contributions that IUPUI faculty make to others (farmers, manufacturers, the service industry, our waterways, policy makers, educators, and to the health and well-being of our citizens) through translational research. Translational research intentionally targets a problem and constructs an answer based on researched evidence.

Types of stories in Monthly Newsletter:

  • Scholars of the Month
  • Bantz Awards (community scholar, faculty award, community fellowship award)
  • Achievements (grant funding, leadership appointments, conference presentations)
  • Scholars in the news (featured in new outlets)
  • Impactful research

Submission process: Identify yourself as a TRIP Scholar to get involved.