Department of World Languages and Cultures

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is committed to the development of linguistic and intercultural ability. Here, you will find a curriculum that fosters multiple connections between language, culture, and their broader applications. We encourage an international perspective through coursework and other activities that will equip you with valuable knowledge and skills suited for academic and professional purposes as well as for personal enrichment.

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Explore Eight Dynamic Programs

The Department of World Languages and Cultures supports eight dynamic programs. Explore each to find which languages suits your interests and fulfills your passion.

What Studying Languages Did for Me?

Enjoying crepes after a hike in the Pyrenees “Since starting to learn Spanish and French in high school, I have been hooked on foreign language study and fascinated by other cultures. As a student, I focused more on Spanish, studying abroad 3 times, going on to get my master’s, and finally working at IU Indianapolis in the Study Abroad Office. It was when I was settled in my career that I wanted to revisit studying French and made it my goal to speak it fluently. I started taking one course per semester while working full-time, which not only gave me the basis needed to become proficient in the language, but also helped me open my mind to new career possibilities abroad. I took advantage of the opportunity to teach English in France through the TAPIF program, and today, now in my third year living in France and pursuing a master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, I can officially say I’m trilingual. To anyone wondering about the benefits, I would tell them to go for it! With each language you speak, you multiply your opportunities to make friends, see the world, discover new perspectives, and find your calling.”

–Kevanne Monkhouse ‘12 M.A.T. – Spanish

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