Program in Classical Studies at IU Indianapolis

“Unlike most other fields of study, classics is not a single academic subject…Rather, it is the study of Greek and Roman cultures in all their facets, as well as the cultures with which they interacted…”

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What Classical Studies did for me?

“What started out as a single course to fulfill an Art History requirement quickly grew into an entire Minor in Classical Studies. As an art student, minoring in Classical Studies helped me feel more connected to Classical art by not only introducing me to new ways of thinking, but also helping me reframe past cultures in a considerably more humanizing way than my previous survey-level Art History courses had. I found that there is more to be gained from Classical art by working to understand the people who made and enjoyed it beyond their stereotypical characterizations. In this endeavor, much of my time in these courses was spent reading, analyzing, and organizing data. The work was challenging, but the end result always left me feeling accomplished and I believe the skills I sharpened will translate across any discipline I choose to pursue.

My Minor in Classical studies definitely changed the lens through which I view the world; now I can’t help but notice the things we’ve borrowed from the past in everything around me, whether it be art, architecture, popular media, or even political messaging.”

— Katie Milburn, Classical Studies minor (B.A. 2023)

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