GEC + Classics Minor

Interested in how you can work towards fulfilling your GEC requirements and earning your Classics Minor at the same time? Read on for advice from Apollo and Artemis!

APOLLO, GOD OF HIGHER LEARNING: Hey Sis, did you know you can use your GEC courses to earn 60% of a Classical Studies Minor?

ARTEMIS, GODDESS OF HUNTING: No, of course not. We can’t all have an oracle to tell us these things. Explain.

APOLLO: To graduate, every IUPUI student needs to fulfill the requirements of the General Education Core. Think of it as a series of pots you need to fill. Every student needs to fill 4 pots with 3 credits each: 1 Cultural Understanding (CU) pot + 1 Arts and Humanities (AH) pot + 1 Social Sciences (SS) pot + 1 pot of AH or SS. 12 credits total.

Pot GEC Category Credits Needed Courses
1 Cultural Understanding 3
2 Arts & Humanities 3
3 Social Sciences 3
4 Arts & Humanities or Social Sciences 3
    Total: 12

ARTEMIS: Ok, but what does this have to do with a Classical Studies Minor? Get to the point, I’ve got hunting to do, cities to curse, human lives to destroy.

APOLLO: You always have human lives to destroy. The Classical Studies Program offers 6 different GEC courses, and you can use any of them towards the minor, as long as you stay within 6 credits for courses at the 100 level. So, you could mix and match like this:

Pot GEC Category Credits Taken Courses
1 Cultural Understanding 3 Ancient Sports C213
or Latin 1 L131
or Latin 2 L132
2 Arts & Humanities 3 Classical Myth C205
or Greek Culture C101
or Roman Culture C102
3 Social Sciences some other program’s problem
4 Arts & Humanities or Social Sciences 3 Classical Myth C205
or Greek Culture C101
or Roman Culture C102
    Total: 9

ARTEMIS: And then I’d have 9 GEC credits in CLAS courses. You’re not the only one who can do math.

APOLLO: Exactly. And since the Classics Minor only requires 15 credits total, the only thing you’d have to do at that point to earn a Classics Minor is take 2 more classes at the 300+ level!

ARTEMIS: You sound suspiciously invested in this.

APOLLO: If humans fail to learn about us, we will fade into memory.

ARTEMIS: Meh, I’m not big on humans anyway.

APOLLO: You’ll lose your smiting powers.

ARTEMIS (notching bow): Where’s some students to get enrolled?