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Have you ever voted in a republic? Inherited something from a will? Enjoyed your citizenship no matter where you lived? Sat in an amphitheater? Used words like agenda, altruism, ambiguous, futile, incalculable, mundane, obvious, plausible, stipend, tentative… If so, your life has been touched by the culture of Ancient Rome, the birthplace of all these ideas and more.

CLAS-C 102 is a survey course that introduces you to ancient Roman culture, both as a distinct past society, and a force that continues to shape modern life. By studying representative works of art, artifacts, and literature, you will explore topics including:

  • art
  • architecture
  • economics
  • philosophy
  • politics
  • religion
  • technology
  • and more!

Most importantly, you will learn to think critically about important questions: How was ancient society organized? What was daily-life like for various groups (elite and poor, free and enslaved, male and female…)? How do we interpret different types of evidence about the past, including written and archaeological sources? How do ancient cultures continue to shape the world we inhabit today?

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Fun Facts:

Coming Next: Spring 2025

Recent Offerings

Spring 2024
  • 2 sections, online asynchronous (Dr. Martha Payne)
Spring 2023
  • online asynchronous (Dr. Martha Payne)