Why Study Classical Studies?

Explore the big questions of today by learning about the big answers in the past.

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Classical Studies is an exciting, interdisciplinary field dedicated to better understanding all aspects of human existence, particularly through the lens of ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and their contemporary societies. In Classics, you can follow your passion in the past, while acquiring important marketable skills for the modern world.

Our Program’s Goals

  • provide students with new ways of drawing connections with ancient Mediterranean societies
  • instruct students to think critically about how we learn about the past, with an emphasis on what we can—and cannot—know
  • familiarize students with the outsized impact that these particular societies have had (rightly or wrongly) on the global world today.

Diversity Past and Present

We are sensitive to and embrace the wide diversity of experiences on our campus and in the ancient world. We are proud to take active steps to break down barriers within the field and to welcome all students to our program. Whatever your background, whether you are new or returning to the Classical World, we are eager to learn with you and from you here.

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What Studying the Classics did for me?

“Ever since I started learning Latin in the 8th grade, I have been fascinated with ancient cultures. At IUPUI, I had the unique opportunity to major in both Biology from the School of Science and Classical Studies from the School of Liberal Arts, enabling me to pursue these different passions concurrently.

My Classics courses not only taught me about historical Mediterranean civilizations, but also challenged me to develop my problem solving, reading comprehension, communication, analytical skills through collaborative class activities and individual projects. I was able to practice synthesizing evidence and drawing logical theories about questions of our past that have no definitive answers and conduct productive debates with my peers. We learned how to interpret dense archaeological reports and consider how different cultural and historical contexts influenced the academic community’s conclusions about Greek and Roman society. My professors and advisors also pushed us beyond the walls of our classroom to participate meaningfully in global conversations about geopolitical impacts of ancient artifacts and the rampant problems associated with the illegal antiquities market.

The Classics department is continually implementing new technology into the curriculum, such as VR tours of various sites and artifacts, which introduces students to new and exciting learning tools that helps deepen contextual understanding and offers a more accessible option for anyone interested in studying ancient histories.

Pursuing a degree in Classical Studies helped me diversify my resume, gain applicable skills, and connect with our collective human history, which helped me thrive in my other undergraduate pursuits and now take a leadership role in healthcare with my professional career at Epic. From my study abroad program in Greece to the classrooms on IUPUI’s campus, I have made so many treasured memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

— Jocelyn Blackburn, ’21 B.A. in IMP (Classical Studies) and B.S. in Biology
Jocelyn also took a month-long study abroad to Greece in the summer of 2018.

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