Why Study World Languages and Cultures?

Studying a world language prepares you to interact successfully with people of different cultures in an increasingly diverse and globalized environment. In addition to improving your knowledge of your native language, speaking another language increases your overall cognitive and verbal skills. Combined with other professional skills, your knowledge of a second language gives you an edge in a challenging job market, and yes, it makes you smarter!

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Giles & Dolores Hoyt awarding Hoyt Scholarships recipients.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a variety of courses and degree options. As part of a language community, you will interact with instructors and classmates in meaningful ways. In your language and culture courses, you will gain valuable experience in your chosen language while developing your listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiencies. beyond grammar in immersive culture courses that offer the opportunity to explore diverse views of the world and other ways of life.

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Eight Programs of Study

IU’s School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI is proud to provide eight programs to students. You may major in more than one language, earn multiple minors, or complete certifications along with your major. Each program will help you to develop your language skills and expand your cultural perspective. With so many options, the choice is yours to make. The Department of World Languages and Cultures and The Individualized Major Program has established the following courses of study:

Undergraduate Majors:

Individualized Majors: 

Undergraduate Minors:

Undergraduate Certificates:

Graduate Programs:

A World of Possibilities

World Languages and Culture students are uniquely qualified in today’s professional environment. Many of our students choose to apply their language qualifications to another major, which sets them apart in many fields. Alumni have gone on to cultivate successful careers and utilize their World Language degree in Communications, Business, Health, Government and Social Services, Education, Science, Informatics, and Travel, among others.

Global Exploration

Study abroad programs give you a chance to put your cultural and linguistic understanding to good use. We emphasize this immersive experience for all our students and offer a range of programs. Whether you’re seeking a two-week journey to Heilbronn, Germany or a year-long stay in Québec, we offer the opportunity to take another language to the streets of your desired destination.

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