Minor in East Asian Culture

Learn about East Asian culture without taking a language course.

The Minor in East Asian Studies takes a comparative approach to the study of East Asian culture (or cinema, literature), history, society, or health maintenance practices, emphasizing the diversity of East Asian cultures and great social changes.

Requirements for Minor

To earn a minor in East Asian Studies, you must have:

  • Minimum grades for the minor are C or better.
  • At least six credits are at 300 or 400 level.
  • At least nine credits are taken at IU Indianapolis.
  • Students complete 15 credits of East Asian courses.

Required Course

EALC E396 East Asian Culture and Civilization: The I Ching (3 cr.)

Elective Courses

Choose 12 credits from the following list (at least two courses from different departments):

EALC C131: First semester Chinese (4 cr.)
EALC E231: Japan: The Living Tradition (3 cr.)
EALC E232: China Past and Present: Culture in Continuing Evolution (3 cr.)
EALC E282: East Asian Calligraphy (3 cr.)
EALC E301: Chinese Language and Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E334: Contemporary Chinese Cinema (3 cr.)
EALC E335: Studies in Chinese Martial Arts Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E351: Studies in East Asian Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E384: East Asian Nationalism and Cultural Identity (3 cr.)
EALC E397: Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture (3 cr.)
HIST G485: Modern China (3 cr.)
HIST G461: Imperial China (3 cr.)
HIST G451: The Far East I (3cr.)
HIST G452: The Far East II (3cr.)
*HPER E148: T’ai Chi Ch’uan (1 cr.)
HPER E248: Intermediate T’ai Chi Ch’uan (1 cr.)
HPER E260: Karate-Intermediate (1 cr.)
PHIL P349: Philosophies of China (3cr.)
AMST A102: Asian American Studies (3cr.)

*HPER E148 can be repeated once.

Elective or substitute courses must be approved with Chinese Program Director.

More Info

Contact Dr. Jing Wang, Director of the Program in Chinese.