Certificate in Chinese Studies

Learning Chinese opens a whole new world—a new way of thinking and seeing.

China is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. More than 20% of the global population is Chinese and the language and culture has become increasingly valuable in many professional arenas. This certificate is essential preparation for anyone with plans to pursue a career with Chinese-speaking communities.

What Studying Chinese Did for Me?

“I really enjoyed my time in the Chinese program at IUPUI. I actually decided in my first week of classes my first semester to try Chinese, and I think that was one of the best decisions I made in my undergraduate degree.

Even though I started a little late in Chinese, the teachers were very helpful and worked with me to make sure I understood everything, and I ended up doing quite well in my first class. In fact, after two years, I even felt comfortable enough to do a study abroad in Guangzhou. I saw there just how much I had learned in those classes, and how far that could get me in day-to-day life.

Even now, I use those language skills in my work and research. It really gives me an edge when I look for opportunities in my field.”

Edward is currently a master’s student at Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Erfurt, Germany.

— Edward Vaughan, B.A. International Studies/German major, Chinese certificate (2019)

To earn a Certificate in Chinese Studies (EALC), you must complete:

  • 18 credits toward the certificate, with a grade of C or better.
  • A minimum of three (3) credits in Chinese language at the 200-level or above.
  • A minimum of three (3) credits in Chinese culture at the 300-level or above.
  • At least nine credits are taken at IUPUI.
  • Students cannot double count any course toward the certificate.
  • The online declaration form.

Required Courses

Students must begin by completing first-year Chinese language courses (EALC-C 131 & EALC-C 132: Basic Chinese, 8 credits total at IUPUI) or demonstration of the same level language proficiency.

Course Options

EALC C 201-202 Second-Year Chinese I-II (3 cr.)
EALC C 301-302 Third-Year Chinese I-II (3 cr.)
EALC C 320 Business Chinese (3 cr.)
EALC C 401-402 Fourth-Year Chinese I-II (3 cr.)
OVST C 490 Study Abroad in China (4 cr.)
EALC-E232 China Past and Present: Culture in Continuing Evolution (3 cr.)
EALC-E282 East Asian Calligraphy (3 cr.)
EALC-E301 Chinese Language and Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E 331 Traditional Chinese Literature (3 cr.)
EALC E 333 Studies in Chinese Cinema (3 cr.)
EALC E334 Contemporary Chinese Cinema (3 cr.)
EALC E 335 Studies in Chinese Martial Arts Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E 351* Studies in East Asian Culture (3 cr.)
EALC E 396 East Asian Culture and Civilization: the I Ching (3 cr.)
EALC E 397 Traditional Chinese Medicine (3 cr.)
HIST G485 Modern China (3cr.)

*Note: E 351(Studies in East Asian Culture) must focus on Chinese culture.

Degree Map

To help you guide your four-year college journey, consult your degree map for a snapshot of classes that you will take to complete your degree.

More Info

Contact Jing Wang, Director of the Program in Chinese.