Why Study Native American Indigenous Studies?

The Native American Indigenous Studies Program provides a multi-faceted approach to education through cultural support and resources for students enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, enrolled in a state recognized tribe, a recognized descendant of a federally or state recognized tribe, or simply have Native American ancestry. This is an exploratory minor that is part of a larger interdisciplinary approach to understanding contemporary Indigenous experiences in the United States and throughout the world.

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Pursuing Social Justice

The Native American Indigenous Studies Program (NAIS) will introduce you to different perspectives of Native American cultures on a wide variety of topics. You will gain an awareness of the diversity and multiple layers of humanistic knowledge within the framework of the Indigenous human experience.

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If you are a student with a passion for fighting inequality, you will experience exciting new perspectives in this program.

Founded in social justice scholarship, the program will transform your world view and your role in it. We support your future in activism, aiding underserved communities, and research among other equality-seeking occupations.

With strong roots in social justice education, you will learn an introduction to the historic and contemporary perspectives on the social, political, economic, and cultural issues of Indigenous peoples. It is an academic journey where you will work with Indigenous individuals, communities, organizations, and nations.

Native American & Indigenous Studies Minor

Indiana Roots

Indiana University Indianapolis offers the only Indigenous Studies minor in Central Indiana. Indiana is home to approximately 40,000 Native American citizens. Many students and their families living in Indiana claim at least some Indigenous ancestry. After all, our state is named for American Indians. For many students, you can learn about your Native American identity, especially as that relates to your collegiate experience.

Our Commitment

The IU School of Liberal Arts recognizes tribal sovereignty of federally recognized tribes and nations, working to provide informed connections with Indigenous students and their tribes. We understand, however, that governmental systems have greatly impacted Native American families and that forced removals have created great intertribal challenges in Indiana. There are also many students and families that were part of detrimental relocation programs. In light of these impactful systemic challenges, our goal is to serve ANY student who identifies as Indigenous.

For more information

If you are considering minoring in Native American Indigenous Studies, either as a new student or as a transfer student, please contact our office at aipinfo@iu.edu or (317) 274-8356.