Program in ASL and English Interpreting

The ASL/ English Interpreting Program offers courses for a complete Minor in ASL as well as a program for the theory and practice of interpreting. Students who choose the Minor in ASL attain advanced ASL skills that can be combined with another major and used in education, social work, business and other disciplines. The program provides a strong foundation in language, culture, interpreting, and linguistics. For those students interested in English Interpreting, the program develops abilities in ASL and English while increasing understanding of ethical issues and providing guided practice with both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Through this program, students are prepared to enter the profession of interpreting, which serves diverse populations and encompasses a wide range of subjects and settings.

Why Study American Sign Language? and how to start!

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What did studying American Sign Language do for me?

“I fell in love with ASL on my very first day of class. As I became more and more emersed in the language; I began to learn more about Deaf culture and Deaf history. Learning ASL was not only exciting and challenging, but it opened my eyes to such a rich and expressive culture. I learned that I not only wanted to become an ASL interpreter to provide access to communication for the Deaf, but I was eager to become an advocate and ally in the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

My degree led me to work at the best and most diverse language agency in the state of Indiana, LUNA Language Services, as an ASL Staff Interpreter. This opportunity allowed me to gain interpreting experience in a variety of settings including medical, educational, and video-remote interpreting. Throughout my interpreting journey, I became more aware of the barriers and obstacles that the Deaf and hard of hearing community face daily. The need for inclusivity and access not only for the Deaf community, but for all minority groups, led me my current role of ensuring access and equal opportunity in higher education. Between the ASL/English Interpreting program at the IU School of Liberal Arts in Indianapolis, and my direct work experiences I have encountered through interpreting, learning ASL led me down a path to help provide access and equal opportunity for all.”

— Natalie Albert, B.S in American Sign Language/English Interpreting (2014)
Natalie is an Adaptive Services Coordinator in the Adaptive Educational Services for Diversity Equity and Inclusion at IUI.