Certificate in ASL / English Interpreting

In addition to a major and a minor, the Program for American Sign Language / English Interpreting offers a certificate. This certificate is designed for students, who have already completed any 4-year bachelor’s degree. Our program is on-campus in Indianapolis and takes advantage of the internship and practicum experiences around the city. We do not offer an online degree.

ASL/English Interpreting Program Application

Students are required to complete the ASL/English Interpreting Program Application to be considered for acceptance into the SLA/English Interpreting Program. Please contact Vera Masters for information on the application process.

Requirements for the Certificate

The Certificate can be earned in 6 semesters.

Second year proficiency in American Sign Language required (completion of ASL-A 212: Second Year ASL II at IUPUI).

  • 36 hours of coursework from within the core major courses
  • 2.7 cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • 3.0 GPA in core interpreting courses

Core Courses

  • ASL (American Sign Language) I250 Introduction to Interpreting (3 credits)
  • ASL A219 History and Culture of the American Deaf Community (3 credits)
  • ASL A221 Linguistics of ASL (3 credits)
  • ENG Z205 Introduction to the English Language (3 credits)
  • ASL I305 Text Analysis (3 credits)
  • ASL L340 Interpreting Discourse: ASL to English (3 credits)
  • ASL L342 Interpreting Discourse: English to ASL (3 credits)
  • ASL I361 Theory & Process of Interpreting I (3 credits)
  • ASL I363 Theory & Process of Interpreting II (3 credits)
  • ASL I365 Theory & Process of Interpreting III (3 credits)
  • ASL I405 Practicum (6 credits)

Degree Map

To help you guide your four-year college journey, consult your degree map for a snapshot of classes you will be taking to finish your degree.

More Info

Contact Vera Masters Coordinator of ASL