Posted on May 2nd, 2024 in Blog, Classes, Students by Sydney Bielefeld

As the curtains drew to a close on the last chapter of T100, Yna Petilos, took a moment to reflect on the culmination of their theatrical journey.

Yna Petilos

Yna Petilos, Undergraduate Student

“A key moment for me was Scene 7: The therapist scene,” Yna recalled, her hands moving gracefully to accentuate her words. “To me, that showed wellness and also growth because everybody needs a therapist to personally dump their inner thoughts that need to be heard and recognized.” With sincerity in her voice and openness in her demeanor, Yna described how she cultivated an atmosphere of vulnerability, openness, and understanding on stage. “We wanted everyone’s voice to be heard,” she emphasized, her gestures inviting the audience into their shared experiences.

The impact of a seemingly simple prop did not escape Yna’s notice. “The butterflies on the sticks represented us as having a butterfly effect,” she explained with a playful smile. “Also, they were really pretty, lol.”Recalling her performance techniques, Yna spoke of using facial expressions and body movements to convey emotions authentically, aiming to create a memorable and relatable experience for the audience. “Based on observations and feedback,” Yna shared thoughtfully, “the audience responded positively, feeling emotional when I talked about how my mom is a bright light that makes all my demons go away.”

A memorable audience reaction lingered in Yna’s memory, a testament to the connection forged between performer and audience. She recounted an amusing incident that nearly broke her character, underscoring the depth of engagement they achieved.

The theme of wellness, Yna explained, influenced the pace and structure of her performance, allowing her to embody the gradual progression of personal growth. “It was about my butterfly effect and wellness slowly making its way through me and my fellow cast mates,” she reflected, her movements mirroring the journey she portrayed. In her final thoughts, Yna expressed contentment with her performance. “Honestly, I feel like I did everything right,” she affirmed confidently, her words resonating with conviction. “And I wouldn’t change anything.” With Yna’s reflections, the essence of dedication, creativity, and emotional depth that defined T100 found its voice, leaving an indelible mark on all who experienced it.

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