Course Progression

Most graduate students only take one EAP class at a time if they need both, along with their regular graduate course work, although some will take both classes in one semester.

  • ENG G513 – Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3 cr) - Focusing on writing for academic purposes, assignments are given which use materials from the students’ academic disciplines.
  • ENG G520 – Communication Skills for Graduate Students and ITAs (3 cr) – While focusing on the speaking and presentation skills required of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs), this class may also include non-ITAs who need to develop their spoken language skills or wish to have ITA positions in the future. Skills include pronunciation, classroom interaction, presentations, seminar discussions, and basic teaching strategies.

Questions about student EAP placements and courses may be directed to Estela Ene, Director, EAP Program at 317-278-2424 or