Course Progression

All EAP classes except G130 and G131 fulfill the Cultural Understanding requirement in most undergraduate degree plans.

EAP classes are small, ranging in size from five to twenty students and are taught by trained and experienced teachers using interactive, communicative teaching styles. The classes focus on the academic English skills students need to be successful at the university level. Special emphasis is given to teaching advanced listening, speaking and reading skills, as well as complex English grammatical forms and structures, and academic composition.

Level I: Due to limited language proficiency, students at this level are generally restricted to taking only EAP, physical education, and one mathematics or computer science course.

  • ENG G109:  Intermediate EAP: Listening and Speaking (3 cr) Focuses on academic listening and speaking skills.
  • ENG G110:  Intermediate EAP: Reading, Writing, and Grammar (3 cr) Focuses on academic reading, writing, and grammar.

Level II: At this level, students generally take three EAP classes, but sometimes only one/two plus two freshman-level content courses. Courses requiring extensive reading and writing should be avoided. These courses can be taken over two semesters. If students are placed in all four courses at this level, they must first complete G111, G114, and G130 before taking G112.  If they are not required to take G130, then they may register for G111, G114, and G112 in the same semester. The progression of courses should be G111, G114, G130, and then G112. We do not recommend taking all four courses during the same semester.

  • ENG G111:  Academic English Reading: Perspectives on Culture/Society (3 cr) Focuses on academic reading. Usually must be taken before or concurrently with W130.
  • ENG G114: EAP Grammar (1 cr) Focuses on grammar structures. A co-requisite of G111.
  • ENG G130:  Principles of Composition (3 cr) Same curricular goals as the non-EAP sections, but focusing on the specific language needs of EAP students. Must be taken with or after G111/G114 unless exempted by the EAP program.
  • ENG G112:  Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes (3 cr) Focuses on academic listening and speaking skills, including understanding lectures, note taking, presentations, group discussions.

Level III: At this level, students are capable of taking a full academic load of classes, although courses should probably be restricted to general, freshman-level courses.

  • ENG G131:  Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I (3 cr) Similar curricular goals as W131 for non-EAP students, but focusing on the specific language needs of EAP students. Meets IUPUI graduation requirements for W131.

Important Considerations for EAP courses

ENG G109 and ENG G110 are co-requisites and must be taken together.

ENG G111 and ENG G114 are co-requisites and must be taken together.

ENG G111/G114 and ENG G130 may be taken together (this is encouraged). However, if only one is possible for the semester, it should be ENG G111/G114 first, and then ENG G130 the next semester.

ENG G112 and ENG G131 may be taken together. However, if only one is possible, it should be ENG G112 first, and then ENG G131, the next semester.

If a student wants to take only one EAP course per semester after ENG G109 & ENG G110 and ENG G111 & G114, the order should be, ENG G130, ENG G112, ENG G131 (EAP section).
“G” courses do not require authorization.

EAP sections of ENG G130 and ENG G131 REQUIRE authorization from the EAP office. The phone number is 317-274-2188. You must have the specific section number when calling for authorization.

The EAP program has the final say on which classes students are expected to take and in what sequence. Students questioning their placement should be directed to the EAP program office at 317-278-2424.

Questions about student EAP placements and courses may be directed to Estela Ene, Director, EAP Program at 317-278-2424 or eene@iupui.edu.