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There is nothing like positive affirmation from someone you admire to confirm that you’re on track to accomplishing your dreams.

Especially when that someone is Michael Wilbon.

I knew I wanted to work in sports because I could see myself doing what he did. Breaking into the industry as a reporter, becoming a respected voice among his peers, taking a chance on himself and trying a new avenue in television, being regarded as a legend and giving back to the next generation.

So seeing him walk up to me, shake my hand, and tell me I was on the right track was all I needed to hear.

It confirmed that people like Mr. Wilbon, a larger-than-life figure that I revere, are just that — people.

It confirmed that I had made the right decision to go to grad school at IUPUI, even though a year ago I had no real desire to.

It confirmed that I had made the right decision to apply for the Sports Journalism Institute even though I was unsure if my resume and experience would stack up to my peers.

It confirmed that I had made the right decision to stay at Butler for undergrad, even though I was one of only a few Black sports media majors.

There are so many other decisions I had to make, some easier than others, that helped me get to where I am now, a few days removed from experiencing the biggest sporting event I have ever been to.

But there are so many more people who have helped me get here, and without them, none of this could be possible.

My parents, who have always made sure I did what made me happy. My friends, who always give me more support and confidence than I give myself. And my professors, like Malcolm Moran, who continue to give me opportunities like this one that give me invaluable real-world experience.

If there is one thing I have learned about this business, it is that no one gets to where they want to go in their careers alone. What you know can only take you so far. Who you know can take you farther. And just like John Fanta reemphasized during the U.S. Basketball Writers Association awards luncheon, how you treat the people you know is what matters most.

People like John, Brendan Quinn, Dana O’Neil, Chuck Culpepper, Pat Forde, Myron Medcalf, Bill Rhoden, Terence Moore, and Mr. Wilbon did not have to be kind to me. But they were.

And because they were, I am a little more confident that I can make a life’s work by doing this, doing what I love.

By Kobe Mosley | @mosleymedia8