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After 100 or so hours of college hoops this weekend, decompress with some of the best sports writing from the last week.

South Carolina’s upset of Duke Sunday night was the easily the biggest story coming out of the first weekend of March Madness. Michael Baumann of The Ringer gives some great context to the significance of this win.

Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated gives you everything you need to know to recap the first and second round action of the NCAA tourney.

While UConn women’s basketball continues facing criticism for it’s greatness, Robert O’Connell of the Atlantic argues the pursuit of perfection is in itself thrilling to watch.

Shockingly enough, there are other sports going on besides college hoops. This month’s GQ features tennis great Roger Federer, exploring his lasting success.

ESPN the Magazine takes a hard look at why so few Haitian baseball players make their way to the major leagues.

It’s fashionable among journalists today to explore what makes Russell Westbrook different from other stars in the NBA. But Tim Keown writes, “This is the untold story of how he found his singular drive.”

Our featured student work this week comes from Jared McMurry and his piece on Katie Ledecky and Stanford’s first swimming national title since 1998.