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Tyler Kepner (@TylerKepner) of the New York Times gives a painful tribute to Roy Halladay after his tragic death in a plane crash on Nov 7.

Findlay (@s_findlay) of Medium gives a personal tribute to Roy Halladay.

Mike Waters (@MikeWatersSYR) of The Post Standard profiles former Syracuse basketball star Allen Griffin’s return as an assistant coach at his alma mater.

Eric Adelson (@eric_adelson) of Yahoo Sports tells the incredible story of the Key West High School football team and its run to the state playoffs after the destruction of Hurricane Irma.

John Branch (JohnBranchNYT) of the New York Times writes on the stunning revelation of the condition of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez’s brain after committing suicide earlier this year.

Jacob Bogage (@jacobbogage) of the Washington Post writes on the difficult position of small rural towns to maintain a high school football team.

Robert Silverman (@BobSaietta) of Victory Journal tells the troubling story of former ABA and NBA player Joe Caldwell.