Sports Journalism Blog

Peter Gammons of The Athletic chronicles the incredible game three between the Astros and Red Sox in the American League Division Series.

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated detailed Justin Verlander’s embrace of the Astros analytical approach and his dominant play since joining the club this season.

Baxter Holmes of ESPN the Magazine tells the story of how the Warriors dominance of the NBA began.

Aaron Gordon of VICE Sports writes on the Florida based training facility IMG Academy, where talented young athletes receive world class training to prepare for a career in professional sports.

Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald gave a searing commentary of the current state of Nebraska football and the fear around the university that it might be losing the fans.

Sean Gregory of Time Magazine explained how the NCAA’s decision to not levee penalties against the University of North Carolina reveals hypocrisy within college sports.

Michael McCann of Time Magazine detailed what you need to know to understand Colin Kaepernick’s collusion claim against the NFL.

Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated wrote an oral history of Kendrick Perkins and his impact of the teams in played for in the NBA.