Why Study Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?

Trained, strategic advocates are more important now than ever—during a time of unrest, discrimination, and more. Through the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program, you’ll learn how to lead the change for a more equitable society that helps empower women and other marginalized groups.

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Coursework in WGSS will enhance a student’s effectiveness in virtually any career.

  • For careers in law or social service: WGSS gives insight into social realities that oppress women and other marginalized people, such as rape, abuse, sexual harassment, and job discrimination.
  • For careers in biology, medicine, counseling, nursing or other allied health professions: WGSS offers an understanding of women’s and other marginalized people’s health-both physical and mental.
  • For careers in education or journalism: WGSS assists you in developing critical thinking and communication skills essential to teachers and journalists.
  • For careers in business: WGSS teaches you to understand how gender might influence management styles, marketing techniques and investing habits.

You’ll gain great understanding and experiences in WGSS – whether it be in class or at events around campus, in Indianapolis, or on Zoom. 

You have the option of undergraduate and graduate studies:

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What WGSS did for me

Matthew Preston Alum

Matt Preston

“My education in Women’s Studies has improved nearly every part of my life from interacting with family to practicing law. The classes are cutting edge, and the professors care deeply about their students’ success. Indeed, some of my Women’s Studies’ professors still mentor me these five years later; some, I even call friends. Part of the program’s success is a product of immense support from its alumni and the School of Liberal Arts, including a passionate network of adjunct faculty from other departments who often teach intersectional courses. With each WGSS class, you will be challenged to think critically about some of the most pervasive issues facing our world. And if you open your mind to a mere fraction of what the program has to offer, your world will be changed forever. Disappointment is not part of the curriculum.”

Matt majored in philosophy and political science; minored in Women’s Studies, Legal Studies, and Spanish; and earned a certificate in Latino Studies. He earned his J.D. from the University of Michigan and is currently a law clerk to the Honorable Thomas L. Ludington, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

— Matthew Preston B.A. ’17

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