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Posted on January 7th, 2024 in Award, Community Engagement, Faculty by Carrie E. Foote
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Congratulations to Dr. Carrie Foote for receviing the HIV Advocacy Award from the Indianapolis Urban League for her community based HIV criminal law reform advocacy and scholarship as  Chair and co-founder of the HIV Modernization Movement-Indiana (HMM) and a national expert on HIV criminal law reform! She is a long-term HIV-thriver who was once homeless, addicted to heroin, turned inspiring Professor of Sociology at IU-I, researcher, activist, and mom. She turned her 1988 HIV diagnosis into her life’s work in the classroom and in the community, where she is committed to ending HIV stigma and criminalization.  Through HMM, she has worked tirelessly for the last decade to end the unjust criminalization of Hoosiers living with HIV. She has done this through countless presentations, outreach at community events, training and mentoring of Hoosiers living with HIV and allies to be advocates, provided support to Hoosiers who have been victims of HIV criminalization, secured funding to send PLHIV to national advocacy conferences, testified on modernization bills, worked with IDOH to modernize polices linked to HIV criminal laws, and the list goes on. She has won numerous legislators as allies to this issue and helped forge crucial relationships with statewide agencies. Through her passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to ending stigma in Indiana’s laws, she has built a movement that has been slowly but surely ending the criminalization of people living with HIV in Indiana. Click here to learn more about Dr Carrie’s efforts over the years and passion to reform Indiana’s HIV Criminal law!

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