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Posted on April 16th, 2024 in Announcements, Creative Activity, Faculty, Media, Publication, Research by Carrie E. Foote

Professor Chris Lamb with the Department of Journalism and Public Relations at IU Indianapolis, teaches a course called Fake News. The course name was inspired by President Donald Trump, who falsely claimed to have invented the term. Trump’s lies and misstatements are well chronicled. As he explains, “I wanted to chronicle his failure as a president and the danger to the country if he is re-elected. I tell my students that sources matter. I tell my students to consider the sources for their information. I tell my students to include their sources. I compiled the names of 300 Trump accomplices for a book I called, Only the Worst People: The criminals, sycophants, bigots, swindlers, liars, sexual deviants, lunatics, bullies, misogynists, plagiarists, perjurers, extortionists, traitors, conspiracy junkies, and others who contributed to the Trump presidency. The title was too wordy for a book. A blog gives me the chance to edit or add, as necessary. Click one of the below links and click to a name. The names are in alphabetical order. Enjoy. And share.The blog is on my website. I’ve included links to my sources of all information with each post.”

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Chris Lamb