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Posted on December 8th, 2023 in Award, Book, Faculty by Carrie E. Foote
Associate Professor Xin Zhang
Associate Professor Xin Zhang

Dr. Xin Zhang has won the Academic Excellence Book Award from the Chinese Historians in the U.S. Organization for his recent Monograph: The Global in the Local: A Century of War, Commerce, and Technology in China.
The review committee made the following comments: “…your monograph is an ambitious work which skillfully remakes a new history by examining the impact of ‘macro’ history of a much-studied Opium War through the ‘micro’ window of a local port, Zhengjiang, along the Yangzi River open to foreign trade by treaty. The shrewd research methodology of the book deserves special attention. A well-written masterpiece, the book adopts a cross-sectional research approach bestowing a reinterpretation of an interplayed history where ‘the power of globalization is deeply intertwined with, and often shaped by, local specifics.'” …your research method is “unique” in that it “has provided a valuable new direction for scholars of Chinese history to follow.”

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Book Global in the Local