Clark-Woodson Communiversity Academy

Professor Joseph Tucker Edmonds speaking.

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The Clark/Woodson Communiversity Academy is based on the Citizenship Schools founded during the Black Freedom Movement and developed by Black educator and activist Septima Clark. The Academy will offer emancipatory community courses taught “Teach-In” style by Africana Studies faculty and other qualified experts from the community.

Central to the Communiversity Academy will be short courses focused on Black emancipatory praxis and theory (modeled in the style of Carter G. Woodson) that provide members of the Black community with opportunities to contextualize and connect their contemporary experiences to the rich history and legacy of Black U.S. and diasporic culture.

The Communiversity Academy will allow the Center for Africana Studies and Culture (CASC) to partner with community/educational organizations for sponsorship, venue/location, and audience.

CASC’s aim is to link the university to the community it serves.

Everyone is welcome to take these courses, which will be free and open to the public. This informal education is not available for college credit.

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