American Studies Track – “African American Faiths and Community Transformation”

The American Studies Ph.D. at IUPUI builds infrastructure for a collaborative and applied graduate school experience that closes the distance between academia and the world surrounding it. Among the chief aims of the program is to provide doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences with opportunities to train for careers outside of academia.

The doctoral internship required of this program places interns in non-profit, for-profit, and government agencies where they participate full-time in the substantive work of an organization. The American Studies program has a variety of tracks for students to engage and theorize the question of “America” within an applied setting.

The “African American Faiths and Community Transformation” Track is housed within the Center for Africana Studies and Culture (CASC) and is supported by the graduate faculty in Africana Studies. In this track, students will study and engage the relationship between African American religious identity and community change through an individualized course of study centered on community programming and applied scholarship.

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Contact Joseph Tucker Edmonds, Track Coordinator.

Contact Ray Haberksi, Director of American Studies.