PhD Minor in Philosophy

Advancing your understanding of philosophy

Although IU Indianapolis does not offer a doctoral major in philosophy, it offers a doctoral minor in philosophy to students pursuing doctoral degrees in other fields

Course Requirements

A doctoral minor in philosophy requires a total of four graduate courses in philosophy (12 credits). At least half of which must come from the Philosophy Core. All courses need to be completed with a B (3.0) or higher.

Core Courses

The Philosophy Core consists of the following 3-credit. courses:

  • P515 Medieval Philosophy
  • P522 Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy
  • P536 Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
  • P558 Classical American Philosophy
  • P514 Pragmatism
  • P540 Contemporary Ethical Theories
  • P543 Social and Political Philosophy
  • P553 Philosophy of Science
  • P560 Metaphysics
  • P562 Theory of Knowledge

For more information contact:

Graduate Program Director & Advisor, Professor Chad Carmichael,