Interested in Minoring in Ethics?

It’s easy! Just do this:

Step 1: Declare your minor “intent” here.

Step 2: Take the following two courses:

      • P120, Ethics
      • P326, Ethical Theory

Add three more courses (9 credits) that focus on ethics. Among philosophy courses, for example:

      • P110, Introduction to Philosophy
      • P323, Society and State in the Modern World
      • P325, Social Philosophy
      • P375, Philosophy of Law
      • P393, Biomedical Ethics

Note: Non-Philosophy Courses may be used in this step as well, including some in other schools *

That’s It!

We recommend that you take the 100-level courses first, but that isn’t a requirement. You are required to earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each class toward the minor.

If you have any questions about the Ethics Minor, please contact, Professor Samuel Kahn.

Click here for our philosophy courses, and here for the upcoming schedule.

For articles and data on what philosophy can do for you, see here.


*For instance, POLS Y304, Constitutional Law; HIST A329, American Dissent; BUS L355, Topics in Business Law: Law, Ethics & Responsibility in Financial Markets; REL R384, Religions, Ethics, and Health; ANTH E421, The Anthropology of Aging; ANTH E445, Medical Anthropology; NURS S474, Applied Health‐Care Ethics; PBHL H474, Health Administration Ethics Seminar . . . For more information, please email Professor Kahn (link above).