Faculty Research

The Department of Political Science is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized scholars working at the cutting edge of research. From protest movements in the Middle East to the biological origins of political behavior, our faculty engage in research that expands our shared understanding of the political world.

    • Dr. Demirel-Pegg’s research interests focus on the escalation and de-escalation of conflicts, along with research that examines authoritarian regimes and elections in semi-authoritarian countries.
    • Dr. Dusso’s work focuses on the political psychological of electoral behavior, with an emphasis on the Big Five personality traits, authoritarianism, and civic aptitude.
  • Dr. McCormick’s work focuses on the European Union, contemporary Britain, environmental politics and policy, and comparative politics.
  • Professor Pegg’s research interests focus on de facto states (secessionist entities that control territory, provide governance and persist over time but whose proclaimed sovereignty remains largely or entirely unrecognized) and natural resource wealth management, particularly relating to oil in sub-Saharan Africa.

Books and Publications
Explore the depth and breadth of our faculty’s most recent publications and ongoing research.

Grants and Contracts
Innovative research and teaching excellence require support, including institutional aid, campus resources, and grants and contracts from numerous organizations, including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and many others.

Faculty Distinctions
IU School of Liberal Arts faculty excel as teachers, mentors, innovators, practitioners, and thinkers. Their dedication prepares students for success and their work continually gains important recognition, both inside and outside of the classroom.