Program in Arabic

The Arabic program at IUPUI teaches Modern Standard Arabic, which is the official literary Arabic language used in most written documents (newspapers, books) and formal spoken occasions (news broadcast, lectures, speeches). The program provides additional materials in classical and colloquial Arabic (Egyptian, Levantine, and samples of other dialects) that embody the linguistic behavior of educated native speakers.

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What Studying Arabic Studies Did for Me?

“If you’re looking to fill a language credit or wanting to challenge yourself by learning a new language, I highly recommend Arabic. At first, I was worried Arabic would be too difficult as I had no previous exposure to the language or culture, but our professor is an excellent teacher and is able to teach even absolute beginners. I enjoyed Arabic class so much that I continued to enroll in Arabic even though it was not necessary for my major. This class has been one of the highlights of my undergraduate enrollment.”

— Luke Hughes, B.A. Psychology, Minor in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies (2020)

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