Arabic Club at IUPUI

Arabic Club student participating in Dardasha

In 2012, the Arabic Club at IUPUI was founded by a group of students enrolled in the Program in Arabic Studies to support their language learning and enhance awareness and understanding of Arabic cultures among IUPUI students.

The Arabic Club offers “Dardasha” a conversation hour, providing students with four regular monthly meetings; on the first and third Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. “Dardasha” welcomes students from any Arabic level of the Program in Arabic to get free tutoring from fellow peers, tutors, club officers and their instructor(s). Students are encouraged to come in with any questions they may have pertaining to homework, conversation, or any clarifications they may need. It also offers exposure to the Arabic language and culture for students interested in learning the language. In addition, some Arab students on campus join the Arabic Club “Buddy Program” which links them with American students enrolled in the Program. This provides a natural exchange of language skills and cultural knowledge between both sides.

Arabic Studies students reading poetry at International Festival

The Arabic Club also organizes regular events such as:

  • “Arab Got Talents” shows
  • Spelling Bee offered for the first time in April 2021
  • Participating in the WLAC Department International Lectures Series and Poetry Recitation
  • Arabic Films viewing

Students involved in Spelling Bee

In addition to the students enrolled in the Program in Arabic, the Arabic Club always welcomes new members, whether native speakers or interested in learning about Arabic culture. No language skills are required.

The Arabic Club encourages students and members to be more involved with their fellow peers and the Club’s activities and events which develop lasting friendships. The Arabic Club also encourages students to be more creative and involved within the club, encouraging them to suggest new ideas to broaden their horizons.

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Arabic Club Activity – March 22, 2022

Write Your Name in Arabic & Arab Countries Exhibit

Arabic Club Activity