Placement Testing

All IUPUI students who have previously taken a world language in high school or have previous experience in that language are eligible to take a World Language Placement Test. The online test is currently administered in French, German, or Spanish. Placement testing helps students move into a more advanced class, depending upon their results.

The remote online placement test is available by logging in at the IUPUI Testing Center with a valid student ID. Please note that the tests were designed for use on a PC or Mac computer, not mobile devices.

Test scores on the World Language Placement Test indicate into which IUPUI course or course level students are qualified to enroll. Students are strongly advised to sign up for the course or course level into which they place.

Placement Test Score Course to take
250 or below FREN-F 131
251-340 FREN-F 132
341-390 FREN-F 203
391-469 FREN-F 204
470 or higher any 300-level class

World Languages Credits by Credential (“Special Credits”)

Students who place into a course above the first semester of first year (either by placement testing or upon the advice of a Program Director or Coordinator) and complete that course with a final grade of “C” or higher may obtain special credits at a low fee (generally around $20 per credit hour) for the world language courses preceding the course taken at IUPUI.

If a student places into FREN-F132, FREN-F203 or FREN-F204, special credits may be purchased for the lower-level courses. For example, if a student places into FREN-F204, special credits may be purchased for FREN-F131, FREN-F132, and FREN-F203. You may take a maximum of 14 credit hours in Special Credit courses.

Students must initiate the process after course completion by completing the WLAC Special Credit Request Form. Special Credits are not awarded automatically.

Special Credit for Native Speakers

Native speakers are allowed to obtain up to 6 credit hours of special credit at the 200-level but may not take 100-level courses in their own language.

A native speaker of the language is defined as a student who has attended a high school in the language for which credit is sought. Native speakers may apply for second- or third-year special credit with the permission of their Program Director.

Looking to Take a Course in French?

Here is a guide to help you know what course to take along with the recommendation of the program director, Dr. Kathryn Lauten.

  • If you have not taken French before, then start with FREN-F 131.
  • If you have taken French before but have not taken an Advanced Placement (AP) or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) test for French, you should first take the IUPUI placement test to see what course you are ready to take.
  • If you took the AP test, then follow these guidelines:
AP Test Score Course to take
3 FREN-F203
4 FREN-F204
5 any 300-level course
  • If you took the CLEP test, then follow these guidelines:
CLEP Test Score Course to take
50 FREN-F203
66 any 300-level course
  • If you are a native speaker of French (you went to a high school where French was the primary language) you may NOT take any of these courses for credit: F131, F132, F203 F204. You may however enroll in any 300-level French course and qualify for F203 and F204 credit if you earn a “C” or higher in the 300-level course.

More Info

If you need assistance or additional information about placement exams, please contact the IUPUI Testing Center (317) 278-2288.

Contact Director of French Program Dr. Kathryn Lauten.